About WinnRock Frequently Asked Questions

For your convenience, we’ve provided you with a few of our Frequently Asked Questions.

Is there salt in the rock?

No. Anhydrite does not contain any salt. Ask for MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) at any time.

How many tons are in a yard of your material?

There are 1.425 tons in one yard.

Do you deliver?

We don’t deliver. However, if you call our office, we’d be more than happy to recommend a contract carrier for you.

Can customers use their own personal truck and trailer?

Absolutely. All you need to do is stop by the office and we will weigh your vehicle we will weigh your trailer then load it up.
Our Physical Location: Highway 84 West Winnfield, LA 71483

I am an independent contractor who is interested in building a business relationship with Winn Rock. What should I do?

We’re always looking to build new business relationships. Simply contact our office at (318) 628-3523, and we’ll collect your information as well as provide you with the next steps in the process.